Thursday, March 22, 2012

week 33:)

when I see that we only have 7 weeks...I had to do a double take. Tonight...that feels like an insanely short amount of time! Wasn't there a time when we were 30 weeks from a baby!? I'm truly not sure when this all happened!!!

things are going so well! There's an itching situation - I explain below. BUT otherwise, it's really been a cake walk! Can I say that!? I should complain about something to even things out and not jinx us;)

um. It's harder to eat with my mouth closed because I can't breath. Yeah. That's the only complaint I can come up with and I'm not sure if it's even related to pregnancy. I could just be a large pig;)

AND on top of all this amazing pregnancy shiat. I'm turning 29 tomorrow! TWENTY-NINE! I'm very excited about this because I love my birthday and I'm very excited to have this last birthday before baby:) Another opportunity to be completely selfish and have all of Jacob's attention before we add a whole lot of crazy to our lives:)

creating a gif

due date
may 10, 2012:)

jacob and I both made our Smith Baby Pool guesses for Saturday, May 12th:)

boy or girl
the Smith Baby Pool is heavy on the girl picks!

i had an appointment on Tuesday and all went well! Except for the part where my lab was scheduled for 10AM and I didn't pee in a cup until 1025AM. And then was finally shaking my docs hand at 11AM for my scheduled 1015AM appointment. PHEW. They were SUPER lucky the sun was shining that day;)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 32lbs.

UP this photo makes my belly look enormous. Ridiculously enormous.

there's been itching. Not just a little itch. FULL ON ITCHING. All over. Arms, legs, butt, breasts, arm pits. Yep. It's as awesome as you're imagining. FRICK!

obviously, the itching is not fun. But I'm trying to take it in stride. I've got some lotion from my doc to try and I'm hoping to see improvement...soon! I just keep thinking about how lucky I've been so far and that really keeps me from getting too upset about how irritating this has been for the last few weeks. If a bit of itching is the worst I get. I can handle that:)

baby buys
no baby buys this week! We've had a few more really amazing baby gifts trickle in:) One that had Jacob making ME come to the baby room and close my eyes! I'll take some photos soon and get those up for you! Too cute for words:)


i love having some photos of the kids with the baby bump! I think these are going to be so fun to show the baby someday:) Cousin Nasher  and T were having fun with it:)

sorry for the delay in this weeks bump post!!! I've been a bit more tired this week because of the 'itching' and sleep loss - due to the itching:( But this baby is kicking like crazy and with each kick...comes peace of mind:) We couldn't be more excited about what's to come!!:)

all photos courtesy of my mama!:)
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