Saturday, April 21, 2012

moa 2012:)

every year we take a trip to MOA!!!!! AND IKEA!!!! And as ridiculous as it may be to think we get SO excited to go spend any amount of money here...EVERY year...we do it. We can't get enough of it. We LOVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!:)

we figure there will surely come a day when we are all old and gray and hardly any of the stores IN MOA will be appropriate for us to be shopping at...but we will still go. And we will have matching tshirts;)

cause to be's all about the time spent together!:)

UP pigg and Drew Baby:)

UP drew baby hanging out and being adorable.

and just like that...they're out:) Amazing the places/spaces/positions they can fall asleep!

UP drew baby and Nasher getting some shut eye:)

UP drew baby IKEA:)

moa always has a lot to look at. Potential pretty photo opportunities and inspiration:) Loving the subway tile in the bathroom below and that bench!

about 15 minutes into our MOA trip, I realized that my feet sucked. They have pretty much sucked since:( Walking was trying...I pushed through and frozen yogurt and fresh strawberries are my new favorite cure all:)

the baby gets it's love for shopping from me:) And below I found a new festive hat and scarf for this coming winter! A 'mom' can still be festive:)

UP i got tons of stuff. TONS. More than I had expected seeing as I figured that because I was pregnant, I wouldn't feel quite as motivated to buy things. That was not the case. I found motivation;)

the middle photo is a pile of what I DID buy (not including some things from IKEA for the baby:). The surrounding photos are of things I WISH I could have afforded to buy:)

1/ Steve Madden - $138
SO SOOOO pretty. Have been wanting a fringed purse for quite some time. Jacob thanked me for not spending $138 on it;)

2/ Club Monaco - $229
I don't even really want a trench...just taking pics of the pretty things and this happened to be in the photo:)

3/ Club Monaco - $69.50
I considered LONG and hard about buying these and am still a bit sad that they're not mine:(. They're the exact style I LOVE and I know I could wear them with anything!!! But, alas, I choose to save my pennies. Again, more thanking from Jacob;)

4/ Club Monaco - $198.50
This store is killinggggg me:(

5/ Nordstrom - $40
Courts got a pair and they're apparently AMAZING
PS. I did get THESE and I'm dying to wear them. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

6/ IKEA - $159
Not the exact one but as close as I could find...Jacob and I love this idea for the living room, to serve as footstool AND coffee table.

7/ IKEA - $50
They were all sold out and I have no clue what I would do with it...possibly storage in the baby room!? But I like. A lot.

8/ IKEA - $199
Also a great coffee table option...but we like the idea of something 'soft' with a baby...we already have hard wood floors...lets give the baby a break;)

 UP nasher and I hanging out...on the floor...on our butts. The only place that didn't make my feet hurt:)

 UP austyn got new kicks! And they're high tops. And DC's. Nuff said!!!!!:)

taking photos with the Birthday BOY:):)

UP i absolutely. do not. like this photo. Ew. BUT Mal looks very Top Model in it must be posted;) 

UP i went for comfort on Day2 - see sneakers + dress;). And being that I'm very pregnant...I didn't give a shit:)

because P would be celebrating his GOLDEN - 12th - Birthday while at MOA...I picked up some decorations. Courts and Dave got a cake and we surprised him with a little party at our hotel:)


i think he was surprised:)


the pool is fantasticccccc. Got some time to tread water and then dip my poor, fat, sore feet in the hot tub:)

moa always seems to take forever to get here and then, like anything you love and look forward over far too quickly!
Until next year!!!:)
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