Wednesday, April 18, 2012

week 37:)

i really can't believe we're having a baby in 3 weeks. Have I mentioned that?! Have I ever mentioned that I'm in disbelief about this whole situation?! I have a feeling I have;)

again. NOTHING NEW HERE!!! Lord. I bet you're sick of hearing that! But all is good! I can tell things are nearing...the end...cause I'm starting to hate my in general. I empty cabinets. Like EVERYTHING in the cabinets at home. It's all on the counters. EVERYWHERE. And then I sit down to "rest" and then Jacob comes home and I "encourage" him to have that shit situated by the next time my eyes open;)

i kid:) We're both doing a lot of cleaning and sorting and downsizing and it feels great to get some things in order before the little one arrives. Man. We couldn't be more excited about that:)

due date
may 10, 2012:)
22 more days...maybe less...maybeeee more?!:)

it's knocked at least one, medium sized, child over in the last week. Oops:)

water aerobics are ovaaaa':( BUT the weather is starting to look up and so we've been getting some walking in. BUT my ankles and feet are starting to get their swell on. And so walking too difficult. Boo:(

UP my 'walking' outfit. Yes. I sport wolves and stripes...around town...during daylight hours:)

not gonna lie. There was weight gain. A fair amount. A lot. A lot aaaaa lot.
7lbs in 2 weeks. Um. Yeah.
Once you've reattached your jaw to your on:)

i was 176 2 weeks ago. In those 2 weeks we had a mini vacation, which had us eating out for aboutttt 5 days in a row. Frick. SO at my appointment yesterday...I rang in at 183. I've decided to subtract 3 of those pounds because of the following:
1/ i had ate a WHOLE watermelon within 24hrs. of this appt.
2/ my ankles and feet are swollen...which leads me to believe I'm retaining some water
3/ i had to poo and that my friends...accounts for SOMETHING!!!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 43lbs.
- 3lbs. 
TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (in my head): 40lbs.

i have another appointment next week. We're on to the weekly visitsssssss!!! And I will report back on the weight issue;)

oh man. I got THE cutest and most comfortable maxi dress from H&M (I can't find it on their site but it's super simple and super perfect...Now wishing I had gotten a couple!) and I'm now living in it!!! It's a definite improvement from the tighty pants:)

baby buys
i haven't gotten anything since last week but there are 2 things on my must have list at the moment:
1/ cloth diapers - thinking Alva ones to start (affordable)?!
2/ this PERFECT onsie. Um. Yes please!!!:)

thanks to Courts for all the pretty pics:)

UP  jacob struggles with a hate of feet. But we're working on him getting over that;)

UP my little man Nasher:) He wanted to take some photos with me today:):)

and now it's 1028PM and I shouldddd be in bed but we're listening to comedians on YouTube and drinking hot chocolate and laughing our faces off. worth staying up for:)
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