Tuesday, June 19, 2012

homer tight!!!!

i won't bother with lots of talk. These are pretty self explanatory:

i sit around taking photos of my perfect child ALL.DAY.LONG;)

UP/DOWN aunt Pigg got Homer a little giraffe while on vacation. It's his new favorite thing;) The horn now serves as a nuk;)

UP seriouslyyyyyyyyy!!!!????! This kid is killing me!!! SO freaking cute!! And thanks to Karey for the adorable onsie!!!:) 

 UP/DOWN we've had several uneventful (in the best way!!:) baby appointments in the last few weeks! Homer's doing perfectly!:)
UP lia came with me to an appt. and since it was nice out we rode the golf cart back to our car:)

 UP/DOWN homer chilling on the iSpy blanket my coworkers made for him!

 UP even when I'm completelyyyyy exhausted and it's 630AM and I've been up every 2.5 hours throughout the night...this face makes everything okay:)

 UP homer helping me with laundry this morning:)

 UP/DOWN some pics of us all together at a family function over the weekend (Father's Day:)

we're loving our time with Homer! I have less than a week before I return to work...part-time for 2 weeks and then back to full-time:( It just makes me want to cuddle him more in the mean time:)

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