Tuesday, June 19, 2012

we went to a park:)

while bored a few weekends ago...bored with fantastic weather...we met up at the park for a picnic and to just hang-out. Beautiful day:)

our attempt to get a decent photo of ALL the kiddos together!

 UP austyn, luke, jax, peyton, homer, lia, drew-baby, tayt, nasher:)

everyone likes shoulder rides...kinda...


jax really wasn't loving it...he was kinda freaked out and held on to Mal for dear life. The photo below pretty much makes me laugh out loud EVERY time I look at it! Freaking hilarious;)

the kiddos stretching for a foot race;)

and as usual...Homer was bored of the whole situation;)

I LOVE SUMMER!!!! Going back to work (have I mentioned that I have to do that soon;) kinda makes it feel like something's coming to an end...obviously, my full-time time with Homer is ending BUT I have to try and keep in mind that there's still going to be lots of time to spend with him and there's still a ton of summer left to enjoy!
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