Friday, June 8, 2012

month 1:)

our little man is ONE Month old today. TODAY!!! I can't believe that amount of time has gone by. Or maybe I can...some days it seems impossible and some days it feels like so much more time has passed. I mostly wish I could, already, make it slow down a bit:(

this month has been crazy. I feel like I've done a whole lot of everything and mostly, a whole lot of nothing. I've also been sick for a week. Things seem to be improving but I'm still not back to myself. I'm sad that a whole week of my maternity leave has been wasted with sickness.
It's pretty amazing what a girl/mom can do while sick. Prior to Homer...I only had me to worry about, obviously. BUT now, sick...he's here. And he requires me to keep moving. And so I have:)

homer also had his 1 month appointment yesterday. He did really well. There was still a lot of crying. We've determined that he hates everyone but us;) But he's doing really well. A healthy little boy:)

7lb 4oz (when he was born 5/8/12)
6lb 12oz (when we left the hospital 5/10/12)
7lb 4oz (at his 1 week appt. 5/15/12)

8lb 14oz (1 month appt. 6/7/12)

so he's up in weight! And there's no surprise there cause the boy eats every 10 minutes! LORD. We thought that was really impressive...till Courts told us that Tayt weighed 12 pounds when he was one month old! Holy crap. AND if you think about it...some baby's come out weighing as much as Homer weighs right now. Which makes me vomit in my mouth!!!;)

2 more weeks and I head back to work:( I'm SO sad about this. I'm actually kinda nervous about it. I have to get my pumping situation under control by then so that Homie has something to eat all day long. Supplementing is just not something we're considering at this point. I know it'll work out and my schedule at work is going to allow me to be home with Homer more often so that I can give him exactly what he needs:)

SO...he's doing so well. We're doing SO well. Every day we learn something new. And that's not going to change from here on out. Homer's always going to keep things interesting:)
I say this often...but Jacob's been the perfect partner through everything. Having Homer and now figuring out how to get through the days with Homer. I couldn't do it without him. And I look forward to repeating this process with him a few more times:)

Happy one month Birthday little Homer:) 
You bring tears to my eyes by just...existing:)
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