Saturday, June 9, 2012

daily happenings.

homer's sleeping soundly and I should be doing a million other things...SO I'll do a quick blog post;)

here's a few things we've been up to lately. Makes me feel like maybe we have been doing someeee fun stuff while on my maternity leave...I only say that cause we had plans to do a bit more but catering has picked up for Jacob and so the weekends have filled up fast with work. SO home we stay. BUT we're making the best of it!:)

recently we had a Wine Night. A first for Homie...outside the belly:) As you can see...he was less than impressed;)

jacob, me and Homer took our first road trip as a family to LaCrosse!!! It went SO well. It was a super quick trip and we hope to go back yet this summer when we have a bit more time. I think we were there for a total of 4 hours this time! But we accomplished what we wanted in that time!!

we went down to the river and sat for a while and just enjoyed the weather and day:)

as you may all remember, Jacob and I were married in LaCrosse last year (September 8, 2011:). I have our wedding date tattoo'd on my right forearm. I added Homer's date of birth while we were down there and plan to do the same for any future babies:)

we also got to meet up with Jacob's sister, Renee, and her friend Lore, who happened to be in LaCrosse that same day:) SO we had a quick snack and visit and Homer had another first...his first afternoon in a bar;)

below are a few things we've learned about Homer over the last month:

he hates anything cold: water. wipes. baths;)

blue is his color:)

he looks freaking hilarious in the slippers Aunt Mal Mal got him!!!!

andddd he's pretty much the most handsome boy in the whole world:)

and then there's Jax-Man...

and Lukey! Who I get to see most morning's of my maternity leave...for a cup of coffee:)

a tip for all you out there thinking of getting yourselves knocked up...plan for May Babies...this weather, this time of so perfect:)
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