Thursday, June 21, 2012

sleep is for the birds...and me:)

so it's 1215AM and Homer's been sleeping for 2 hours. 

PAUSE while I silently scream and dance around the living room!!!!;)

we've been having some difficulty getting him to simmer down between 9-1130PM. I started a new regimen tonight in hopes of getting him to bed at a better time and giving us a bit of a break. SO it worked and what am I doing...I'm sitting here on the damn computer instead of SLEEPING while he sleeps. I'm told this is a rookie mistake;)

but look at that face!?!?? I mean...seriously. That face...even at 430AM makes all that tired go away:)

the photo above makes me cringe. That was yesterday night. Trying to get him to go down before midnight so I could get some sleep. I thinkkkk he fell asleep around 1115PM but was then up every 1.5 hours for the rest of the night. This is a new thing this week. Normally he's much better with his sleeping but I think he knows that I'm going back to work Monday (maybe it's all the crying I've been doing;) and has decided to fill me in on what it reallyyyyyy means to be 'tired';)

 my handsome, handsome man. Gawddddddd he's a freaking cutie:)

i've also been working on my supply of milk. It's coming along but I feel like it could be a million times better. Maybe my ladies just aren't cut out for pumping but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that full days at work, away from Homer, are going to help me pump a lot more.

i love how, sometimes, he curls his legs up yet. And I like to assume this is how he was positioned when he was in my belly. Brings a smile to my face:)

homer is fun. We love him lots. Sleep or no sleep:)
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