Thursday, June 21, 2012

daily happenings:)

as many of you may already know, I live within walking distance of my entire immediate family. This has always felt like a blessing. And especially while on my maternity leave with so much amazing walking weather! SO I get to see the kiddo's all the time and Homer gets plenty of 'stimulation' all day;)

nash's hair was killing me!! SO funny how the back was completely fuzzed out!!:) He's since gotten a buzz;)

this day was all about the hat:)
Nash (above), especially, has been all about wearing hats lately. And not a one of them actually fits his big head;)

luke and Jax with the woody hat. And a helmet;)

austyn helping me walk Homer:)

we asked the kids to grab A chair. ONE. And this was the set-up we came out to. Hilarious;) We can never again say they aren't at least a littleeee helpful;)

courts and Drew-Baby at a recent cook-out:)

SO Lia and Courts have the same facial expressions. The People's Eye Brow;)

and Jacob giving the kiddo's a ride:)

these are what our days are made up of...and it never gets old:)
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