Thursday, June 21, 2012


another day. Another cookout:) This one took place in me and Jacob's back yard. Mal went and bought a little pool, we set it up...only to realize our hose didn't work. For real!? Arg. BUT after about 15 buckets from the house...we got a couple of inches in there. Enough for the boys to enjoy:)

pigg and Luke holding Homer:) A lot of people have told us that Homer looks an awful lot like Luke...this photo (below) isn't very helpful cause Homer looks like a weirdo;)
But Luke sure loves Homer and loves when I tell him that Homer looks just like him:)

jax enjoying the heck out of those few inches of water;)

UP eventually they always end up nude;)

and then it's Homer's style to passssss outtttt:)

i'm hoping you don't mind a few random posts but we've been taking SO many photos lately and I haven't gotten around to posting them. SO I'm going to play catch-up and you're going to get an overload
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