Thursday, June 21, 2012

picture me drooling:)

what I'm currently drooling over. I (absolutely;) don't necessarily needdddd. But there is the want. I have yet to actually purchase anything on this list. All currently saved in my online baskets. BUT hopefully soon. VERY soon:)

H&M Swimsuit $29.95
American Eagle Midi Short $36.95
American Eagle Light Midi Short $36.95

and this list only includes things that I want, selfishly, for only myself. There's Homer, who needs adorable tighty pants for this coming fall/winter:) And a new pair of high tops. His FIRST pair of high tops. Necessities, obviously;)

and Jacob. I'm married to a man who needs jeans and fatty skater shoes. A lot. 

and I'm sure I could find about a million other things that I 'want'. But I'd have to update you all daily cause I'm just a shopper. I love to get stuff. CORRECTION. I love to LOOK at stuff. Remember these bracelets that I said I was for sureeeee going to get...well yeah. That hasn't happened yet. About 80% of the time I balance the checkbook. Come to my senses. Pout;)

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