Sunday, April 28, 2013

babies don't stay babies.

funny what 'warnings' you're given before getting pregnant:
- you won't care about that weight once the baby's here
- you won't remember life before the baby once the baby's here
- having a baby inside you is...WEIRD
All of which were true for me.

and then they warn you about havinggggg the baby:
- the contractions are painful but you can do it!!
- push like you gots to shit (best advice I ever received cause I got that baby out in 6 small pushes and 10 minutes...thanks Erin!:)
- it's all worth it and like a tattoo, you'll forget the pain immediately and want to do it all over again right after
Again, all things that turned out true in my experience:)

BUT what about:
- they grow up right before your the bat of an eye...

i don't feel I was properly warned or prepared for that to happen. Or so quickly:'(

we went to watch my nephew, Tayt, be the miniature King at the High School Prom last night. He's 6:) Watching all those High Schoolers got me thinking...this will never be Homer. This day is NOT going to come. It can't!! But I fear that I'll go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow helping him adjust his tie...

here's a super quick video I threw together! We've taken a few videos since Homer's been born and I'm so glad we have. I really need to remember to do that more often cause these videos are some of my most prized possessions:)

i'm hoping to make a little bit longer one and include his birthday festivities...expect to see that coming in the next month!


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