Saturday, April 27, 2013

me likes: one out of 100 oxfords

this is a trend that could have easily passed by without a tear from me. BUT then I ran into this pair and something inside me stirred;) Mayyyyybeeee. JUST maybeeee I need an Oxford???;)

these 2 photos are of the same shoe. The above: from the Piperlime website. Below: is a photo I took with my iPhone while at MOA 2 weeks ago. They are the same shoe. For real. I don't fully believe it myself because the difference is insanity! I LOVE them in person. Online...nottttt so much:/

at this point...the price ($110) is keeping me from doing anything about this little crush. But I'm still pondering the idea of what I'd do with these shoes in my closet...besides love them and kiss them and pet them;)

below are a few adorable ideas, via Polyvore, to give you an idea of ways these shoes can work:)


Heart beating faster

Steve Madden vintage shoes

Gardening with Niall

Untitled #984

i think my favorites are actually the winter and fall looks. I like them paired with skinny jeans! I'm definitely a flip flop girl in the summer I really do think Spring and Fall/Winter are going to get these the most amount of wear!

*sigh* the ever growing list of Fashion Wants continues...:)
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