Saturday, April 27, 2013

homer wear:)

even though I haven't posted a Homer Wear post in a few weeks...Homer's been looking supa' cool behind your backs anyways;) I've got some older ones to catch-up on and it's crazy how different our boy looks a mere 2 months!!!! In these photos his hair is pretty hasn't grown in one bit on the sides yet;/ but it's gotten curly and long in the back.

party in the back;)

2 pants similar

some additional goodies:
1 tshirt I just got Homer while at Target yesterday:) On SALE for $3!!
2 tank top that I want to get cause Homer and his little Buddha belly would be A.DORABLE in it!!:)
3 shorts that must come home with us. Yep.


i think it's safe to say that all Homer Wear posts for a few weeks are going to include him throwing a fit or crying. We just haven't been having the best of luck finding this child in a good mood to pose for clothing photos! What 11 month old wouldn't be dying to be dressed cutely in the morning and then forced to sit still and smile like a robot for 10 minutes while I pose and take photos of them!??!?;)
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