Thursday, April 25, 2013


today is one of those days. A day where I realize my husband thinks my day goes like this:

1035AM - roll out of bed, super rested from sleeping through the night, to Homer happily changing his own diaper and making us both breakfast

1100AM to 330PM - both Homer and I nap. Peacefully. No interruptions.
1100AM to 330PM - the dishes, laundry and diapers are washing themselves. Magic helpers are cleaning up breakfast and sweeping up messes and putting away clothes and making beds and sending out bills and packing for our move and finishing details for Homer's Birthday Party and budgeting and more budgeting to afford groceries and 2 houses and an occasional Target trip and cleaning the toilet and sink and giving Homer a bath and me a shower....

330PM till right before Jacob gets home from his insanely hard day at work - homer plays quietly while I online shop (alternative end to the day: homer plays quietly in the shopping cart while we walk around Target, Starbucks in hand).

i think we all know that most of our days don't go down like that. And I calmly explained that to Jacob this morning;)

i also warned him that between keeping this house running and making sure he has clean underwear to put on in the morning and that there's money in the bank after paying 2 mortgages and also working part-time myself at a job where my hours vary between early mornings, late nights AND weekends...ALL while keeping a small child alive...he's lucky there's time left to love him. SO he best not poke this bear;)

can I just add that I'm beyond lucky? That maybeeeee I have noooo reason to complain but needed to take a moment to anyways?!?! Yeah. Pretty much:)

i know Jacob knows that I work my butt off around here too. For Homer, for him...for myself. To show him how much I appreciate him supporting me being home part-time. And I am so glad that he's willing to work so hard so that I can be part-time. It wouldn't be possible without the extra hours he puts in for our family:) And I hope that at some point maybe I will be able to stay home with Homer full-time cause being with him is the best:)

POINT: this kid's a shithead. Maybe I'm more of a shithead. But we work that shit out and love each other better:)
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