Thursday, April 25, 2013

spot of tea.

in honor of this insanelyyyyyy shitty weather we're receiving in Wisconsin - what could we have done to deserve 37 on April 25th???? - I thought I'd share an adorable purchase I made a few weeks back.

this little tea pot, from Goodwill, was just shy of $6. I'llllll take it!!! Since cutting hours at my job, I've joined my sisters in drinking coffee about 4 mornings a week - yes...that's amazing:). But I still don't own a coffee maker - just a Kuerig, which we love:) We do have tea in the house and I'll have a cup every now and again. But I'd like to increase the frequency of my tea drinking and I feel this adorable little pot will help me do just that:)

i'm hoping that in a weeks time I'm posting about my new favorite hot-summer-day-alcoholic-beverage;)

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