Sunday, July 1, 2012

happy happy sad sad:)

so I've been missing a bit here...not keeping up with the blog situation! BOO:( And I don't mean to, not only, be missing all together...but then ONLY post about my precious little boy;) I DO have other things going on...I think?!;)

a quick summary:

i went back to work:(
It was hardly as awful as I had thought it would be. The 'welcome back pizza party' they gave me helped immensely;)

i got my appetite back:(
While breastfeeding I was just not hungry...but that is no more. I'm eating. Lots:) SO we're doing tons of's time to shed those last 10 pounds. ASAP!

we're finally getting back into...a new routine:)
And I think now that I'm settling into work, Homer's letting me get a bit more sleep at night and we're able to get out and about more...there will be MORE blogging:)

hope you enjoy Homer's little video! He loves to make an adorable pouty face! Here he's trying not to smile:)
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