Thursday, July 5, 2012

boom boom boom:)

this photo pretty much describes our 1st 4th of July with Homer;) HOT and Exhausting.

unfortunately, Homer and I spent 4th of July chilling on our own. Jacob decided to choose this day to say 'no' to hanging out with my extended family. And believe me...he spent that entire day dead to me. Except for those 2 crazy ass not so nice texts I sent him. BUT besides that...completely d.e.a.d;)

don't get me wrong. Jacob is 100% THE best...he runs and gets me shit at all hours. I mean ANYTHING. And I don't even have to be massively pregnant to get him to do it!!!;) He rubs my feet, pregnancy required. Back rubs are just an every other night kinda thing from him. He loves me. I see it. I feel it. He tells me. bet. All the time. He holds my hand whenever, wherever. He spoils me. He never ever says no...
Excepttttt at the most inconvenient when I ask him to come with me to a family event every 4 months. THEN the man says no. Really??!!

insert biggggg sighhhhh. Sometimes I have a hard time letting things go. The little things. And now that I just reminded myself that I have an amazing man on my hands...maybe one no every 4 months isn't the worst thing in the world to have to deal with;)

POINT: here's some pics of our 4th of July...minus Homer's father...SO:

Homer's FIRST fatherless 4th of July:) 
I'm totally kidding;)

UP/DOWN some photos Courts took of Homer and I. They are blown out but I actually love that about them:)

UP/DOWN getting a photo with dad (gramps:) is no easy feat;)
PS. I get my awful camera face (aka. chucky face) from him...I sometimes have to do a couple "how now brown cows" to loosen it more natural
PPS. It never works;) 

 UP homer loves the camera;)

 UP 4th of July tricks!!!

 UP creepy but yet, amazing looking dog;)

 UP peyton and Homer napping:)

UP auntie Pigg and Drew-baby:) 

UP pigg and I:)

so Jacob and I were fighting a bit and I let my stubborn self ruin the rest of the night...we never went and watched the fire works, even after Jacob tried convincing me we should:( Damn me for being so darn bull headed!!!!

but today is a new day and Homer just smiled...and I called Jacob into the room to watch him with me. And yeah...that's all it took. Fight...what fight?!:)
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