Sunday, July 8, 2012

homer goodness:)

prepare yourself for Homer Overload;) 
I'm going to try my best to stay on top of this a bit more...but it's SO hard! There are a few hours in the day. And within those hours I'm taking at least one MILLIONNNNN photos of Homer;)

these are a few photos Courts took of Homer. I couldn't decide on just one to post. They're SO clear (and Homer's so clearlyyyyy adorable in each and every one of them;). Another reminder that my iPhone shouldn't be my go-to camera...even though it IS super convenient, my point and shoot needs to be upgraded AND I need a new lense for our big Nikon. Frick!!!!

 UP another Courts photo:)

these are from a while ago. Peyton was the photographer that day:)

jacob's the pro at burping in our household:) And that's where Homer gets the majority of his 'tummy time'...on Jacob's shoulder:)

we try to give him 'tummy time' but he is super lazy. He just lays there...and then falls asleep;)
He's SO active otherwise. He's kicking his feet allllll day long! We figure he'll probably start crawling before he starts holding his head up and we'll just get him a helmet with wheels on it so he can drag his head around;)

our walks always start off wonderful...and 90% of the time they end that way too!:) BUT sometimes Homer has a break down;)

that's when he goes from IN the stroller...

to dad's shoulder:)

 UP homer and I have a love for naps...thank the lord he gets that from me;)

 UP peyton, Jacob and Lia playing iSpy around Homer:)

 UP family photo!!!!:) We decided we'll wait for official ones till Homer's a bit least sitting up:)

UP/DOWN homer and I chilling:)

 UP more pesky tummy time with daddy:)

 UP mom blowing more money on cute outfits! NO self control;)

UP early morning walks together. Have I mentioned that going back to work started out okay...and has now gotten worse by the day? Leaving him is getting harder:(

UP homer sound asleep at Walmart...5 minutes later he was the opposite of this. Down.Right.PISSED. Luckily, I was surrounded by sympathetic smiling faces:)

UP jacob and I have gotten good at bathing Homer;) BUT the nails...that's still a bit tricky. So far...I've tried a few times...but I like to get Mal or Courts to do it ANY time I can;)

UP homer and Lia:)

and that Homer to date:)

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