Monday, July 9, 2012

month 2:)

our little man is now two months old! This seems crazy to us. How has that much time gone by? It seriously feels as if we never realllllyyyy had him (I should feels as if I never really birthed him...he just showed up one day...perfect and all ours:)...which is frightening. Because already...a few weeks ago...I could see us having another. Now. Soon:) 
Ah, don't be scared...we'll wait...just a bit;) BUT Homer is amazing. And that doesn't mean he's not a complete fuss-bucket at times. And likes to stay up late with mom and dad (and by stay up late with us...I mean: mom and dad have wanted to go to bed for an hour and Homer's ready to party till the break of dawn AND by party till the break of dawn...I mean: he's picked a position in his head in which will be the only position he'll be soothed and now it's a guessing game for us. This guessing game has lasted hours;).

but even with all that...the mood swings, as we like to call them - and with parents like us...there are bound to be a handful of bipolar moments in Homer's personality;) - we want more kids. More babies please:) Homer's the best thing in the world and I love him more every day. It seems that every day I have to leave him...I miss him more:'(

we decided not to have Homer baptised. This was a decision we made long before Homer's arrival. Religion....always a difficult topic. I'm Methodist. Jacob was/is/kinda Catholic but neither of us has much to do with the church. We're still torn on attending a weekly service (we would attend the Methodist Church)...we'd love to introduce religion into Homer's life and then let him make his own opinions of it when he's ready:)

but in the mean time...we do have our own beliefs and it's important to us that Homer feel supa' special. AND in making Homer feel so special...we thought it'd be great to make some really important kiddo's in our lives feel supa' special too:) That's why we choose our oldest niece and nephew, Peyton and Lia, to be Homer's God Parent's. And as you can see from the "Good Father" bit above...the jury's still out on what their official title would be:)

they're so excited about this and it makes me so glad that we decided to do it:) Peyton and Lia are the most amazing kids. Smart. Funny. Ridiculously kind and generous. Homer is a lucky little man to have 2 such incredible role models!

okay...I promise I'll only talk for a tinyyyy bit more;)

here are Homer's Stats from the last few appointments! We've got a healthy little boy on our hands:)

7lbs 4.5oz (5/8/12 birthday:)
7.17lbs (5/15/12)
8lbs 14oz (6/7/12)
12lbs 2oz (7/9/12 TODAY:)

PS. we've decided to be done with this whole 'growing up' business. We'll report back on how that pans out;)
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