Thursday, July 26, 2012

homer goodness:)

holy Homer Goodness it is:))))

okay...maybe I should update you on how he's doing? Not really a lotttt to tell. He's a baby folks. He's not really out there wheeling and dealing quite yet. And I try to keep track of things he does...but I find myself forgetting to write down when he started smiling the most or talking all the time.

basically...he's cute. He's just getting so old SO fast:( You can tell that he's getting older cause he's able to entertain himself for a bit longer. He's hardly fussy OR maybe we're used to the little bit that he was fussy?! Either just seems like he's more content:)

we love this little dude.

UP jacob usually sends me tons of photos while I'm at work at night to show me what him and Homer are up to:)

UP/DOWN homer and I love our walks:)

UP austyn drew a family portrait of us. I'm pretty sure you can't tell the difference between this and us in real life;)

UP/DOWN we were waiting around at Pigg's...locked out of Pigg's. So we were taking some photos to pass the time.

UP we are starting cloth diapers...soon. I kinda wanted him to plump up a bit more so that he fits in them better and then I have a 12hr. work day on now I'm thinking we should push it back. BUT I also think we just need to bite the bullet and get started. Buying diapers every 2 weeks is alreadyyyyy killing our budget!

UP/DOWN his face in the photo above kills me. This kid sure knows how to lay it on thick when he's just a little upset. It's too damn cute:)
Not sure if you can tell but in the photos below...he had a big crocodile tear:')

 UP jacob snapped this one while Homer and I were napping:)

UP courts caught this one. Too perfect:)

this kid just makes our days awesome:)

sorry if there are any repeats...I am just now trying to get a system in place so I don't miss photos or duplicate photos.
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