Wednesday, July 25, 2012

f21 bomb.

be prepared to be overwhelmed by all things Forever21!!!!

i'll be in the Cities Friday...which means MOA...which means shopping (eeeeeeeee)...which means I need to get some looking out of my system so I don't go ape shit and buy every trend there ever was when I walk through the doors of F21;)
Normally I do pretty well there. I actually buy little to nothing...but there are those few times I come home with a trunk full of shit and within 6's getting put in the garage sale pile! NOOOOOO:( 

this time, however, I'm going to go crazy on here (and look back at this post in 6 months wondering what I was thinking liking any of it;) and then get my detailed list together for Friday. 
I do have 2 weddings coming up and so that's really ALL I need. Possibly a cute, inexpensive dress and a skirt. That's IT!!!! Which is mainly why I've chosen BUT there's also H&M and I'm pretty giddy to get there too:)

FIRST. Before entering that bright white, screaming music, unkept, piled high store of all things trendy...Read THIS. Such a great guide! (found via The Daybook - and if you're wanting to go to Hawaii in this lifetime...NEEN;)...this will only make that feeling worse;)
The article is very accurate. And I think they should do one for American Eagle and Hollister (and seriously...go check out their ridiculous Home Page...are those 12yr. olds making-out. Arg. Never setting foot in that store. Eva') because I look at so many girls and have been difficult to walk into AE and walk out with a bag full of what the manican in the front window was wearing. Arg.

and that's not say that I think I'm all that and a bag of...baked Doritos (I'm on a diet...okayyyy;). But a few weekends ago Jacob and I went out for the first time and my sister Mal said that my outfit looked 'very Casey'. And even though it was coming from my sister (but family is the most brutal..wouldn't you say:) and I'm not even sure if that was meant to be a compliment...I think that's the BEST compliment. I want to be different but still so obviously ME:)

below are just a few cute things that I found while looking through the site: Love21.

i've actually meandered to this section before. Even tried a few things on, with no luck. SO hopefully Friday will bring me some good finds!:)

UP looks awful with that top...and I'd change up the feet. maybe some cute black wedges...dress it down just a bit...

UP i do have trouble with black. I love it. But doesn't seem fitting for these 2 summer weddings.

UP i really love this option. Cute summer print...and then the need for nude heels....hmm. BUT I like:) Maybe something simpler for a top...plain tank:)

UP again...summer color...cute skirt:)

UP depending on what this looks like on...

UP kindaaaa trendy but I like that little festive pop on the side:)

links to all dresses/skirts can be found by clicking on the word UP below the photo:)
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