Thursday, August 16, 2012

grrrrrr...koala bear:)

my pretty friend, Carrie, is set to have an itty, bitty, witttlleee baaaaaayyyybeeeee in December! YAY:) So SO happy for them!
And I'm so lame cause I'm excited to have a close girl friend having a baby around the same time I've had a baby:) Then we can be all baby'd up...together:):)

she has mentioned that she likes the koala bear. That may be mixed into the theme of the baby's room and the shower and such. SO of course, I had to look on Etsy and see if they have anything amazing that I can add to my Shower gift for her:) I love to get something off the Registry - cause it's needed - and then something a bit fun too:)

Leo Little Lion - Birth Announcement Sleep Koala $37

so my favorites are for surely the Leo Little Lion prints. A.DORABLE. This is an Etsy Shop that I'm familiar with and have seen many adorable things at but have never gotten around to purchasing from. Someday:)

just SO excited for my good friends to become parents! It's magical...and crazy. And mostly weird;) BUT they're gonna be so great at it!!!!!!:)
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