Thursday, August 16, 2012

date night.

homer was 14 weeks on Tuesday! Which means we haven't really been alone with each other in 14 weeks!! We finallyyyyyy got to go on a much needed Date Night:) It wasn't as exciting as that movie - Date Night;) - but it was quality time with Jacob and I'll take any of that I can get:)

leaving Homer! As you can see, he's torn up about it;)

sorry for the overload of photos of US. We're not even close to as cute as Homer but we still like to get a few good ones for the books:) To show Homer that once upon a and dad were pretty hip;)

 aunt Pigg and Homer chilling:)

we went to BWW's and it was superrrrr special;) Crowded...loud and lots of TV's. Hmm. May try something a bit different next time...but the food was exactly what we needed. We just needed to stuff our faces and ENJOY doing so!!!!

 jacob said this was the best part of Date Night;) Dork.

the timeline of my drink (which we were SOOOO excited to have). We are not young bucks anymore;/

we took a little drive after dinner...up and down a big hill. We live on the edge;)
In the 'old days', Date Nights consisted of Taco Bell and browsing a furniture store. We've come a long way;)

i thought being pregnant was a 'weird' experience. Now I feel like being a parent is pretty damn 'weird' too!? It's just crazy where life takes you but I'm so glad that life's given me Jacob and Homer:)
A great night was had and getting home to Homer was a great way to end it:)
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