Monday, August 20, 2012

etsy monday.

this one is probably my favorite:) - and finally I love the cheapest of something;)

i don't wear jewelry often...2 rings, one of which is my wedding ring and normally only one necklace. The one I wore on our wedding day wedding:) - see below.

Hattie Rex - no longer available:(

i've always wanted to step outside my (PUN intended;) and try those chunky necklaces. BUT I feel like they're kinda trendy...would I get enough wear out of them?...arg arg argity arg. - see below.

add that all up and you have one good chunk of my freaking house payment (my house is teeny tiny;)...have I mentioned - ARG!!!

and at the moment we're on a strict budget, which I've BLOWN by abouttttt...a lot. I'm ashamed. Kinda;) BUT the deals were TOO good to pass up. Can I say that? More details to come on that after the weekend:)

POINT: these necklaces, found via ETSY:):), are pretty quirky and I always thought it'd be cute to represent WI with some cute chest candy. Um. You know what I mean;)

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