Monday, August 20, 2012

a sweet, sweet thing:) Pt.1

saturday we had a weddingggggg!! Our little cousin, Jess, got HITCHED!!!!:) Her and her...HUSBAND!!:!:!:!:??...Isaac, are the sweetest couple and we had so much fun sharing the day with them!!!:)

i had to work early that morning for a few hours and then after some coffee and visiting with we went:)

 our ride - P rode with us and Homer:) My god, those faces. Faces only a mother could love;)

homer...a bit freaky here...and those toes!!!!!!:):) Can I please leave work now and go home and cuddle with him:(

i think Jacob and I got a bit cocky about our ability to just...raise a big thang';)
We got to the church a bit early...we didn't time it quite right so we were in the 'Cry Room' feeding Homer for part of the Ceremony...but for the rest he sat with us just perfectly:)
Soon after getting to the church, Homer took a huge dump...4th of the day!!!!!...and we realize we left the house (which is now 45min. away) with NO diaper bag! Shiat. 
A Walmart stop and $50 later, we had enough to get Homer through the well as some cookies for ourselves;)

the happy couple!!:)

jess looked gorgeous! Skinny little thing that she is, she could have pulled anything off but her dress was perfect:):)

 a little spin around in the just married-mobile;)

after the ceremony, some visiting and Walmart:/...we stopped for a cocktail before the dinner:)
I had a wonderful margarita...and then switched to coffee and milk at the reception. This lady was tireddddddd. We are not as spunky as we used to be;)

and now to get a good sister photo...

not bad:)

the reception was so cute and the flowers were beautiful. Real sunflowers:)

 trying to get a cute photo of Pigg and Luke!!

 us old folk and our coffee;)

always takes at leasttttt 2 tries;)

we forgot to get a family pic:( I hate when that happens. 
Homer was such a hit with family that we didn't really have him to ourselves much of the night. Which is why I feel like I'm missing him a lot right now!!
But it was nice to get a slow dance in, some hand holding and couple photos:)
I pretty much love this kid. A lot:)


our crew:)
There were so many of us from out of town. Aunt and Uncles from IL. Cousin's from DC, FL and OR. It was so fantastic to be able to catch-up with everyone...more of that to come:)

 my 2 loves:)

mal and Christopher...impossible to get this kid to not be an ass in front of the camera;). Took a while but I think we may have got one decent one!!!:)

 pigg and Nasher-man. These kids and our iPhones. Inseparable;)

 this kid KILLS me! Those eyes. That smile!!!!!:)

as we walked out of the reception at TEN O' Freaking CLOCK, Mal and I laughed at how big of losers we were for being tired and done SO early! Lord. I feel like I should have been more upset about the fact that we weren't upset about leaving;) We are SO old (but not as old as Courts. PHEW;).
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