Monday, August 20, 2012

a sweet, sweet thing:) Pt.2

i don't think Isaac and Jess could have had a more beautiful wedding weekend!!!!! 
Her parents have a cabin up North and so we all met up there on Sunday. It was perfect:)
I worked for a couple hours on Sunday morning and then we headed up to the lake and just chilled for a few hours. We were SO beat by the time we got home. I think we went to bed at abouttttt 530PM. For real. 

a day of boat riding. Amazing food. Sun. Good company. Doesn't get much better than that:)

homer loved being outside. We just walked around. Sat around. AND I vowed I'd not wear my hair back until after it grows back a bit:( Unfortunately, I've lost A LOT of hair over the last month. Scary. And doesn't make a lady feel very special. Pony's are out for a while:)

 helloooo amazing sky:)

if you can get past Homer's ridiculous pants - Note To Homer's Shitty Parents;): GET THE KID SOME PANTS!!!!;)
But I think this may be one of my favorite photos of the 3 of us. Perfect day. Perfect weather. Hard not to be happy to just be together:)

i can't even describe to you what an amazing place this is. Will be for so many years to come:) And every time we leave here...we talk about how a Cabin is a must-have...someday:)

the cabin is nestled into a small part of the lake and I think it used to be a restaurant at one time. It's quite perfect:)

we even took the paddle boat out for a spin. Jacob did some fishing. I annoyed him by taking photos and video with my phone and asking ridiculous questions;)

my dad and Peyton took Austyn and Luke on a canoe ride. And then we raced back to the Cabin - although, dad will deny that he was racing...he says he was just trying to catch-up to us, yes..we were ahead!!!!!, to 'talkkkkk'..dork;). And then Jacob busted the 100yr. old paddle. And then they drug us back to the Cabin. Good times;)

i made some super terrible jokes about the Jamaican Me Happy wine cooler I was drinking...and then realized that I had a bunch of stuff in front of me that truly do make me happy (alcohol...that goes unsaid;), HOMER!!!!:), Jacob (his hand is pictured:), fruit and desert:) ALL good things!!!

it was an amazing day and much needed. Some days you just need to leave reality behind. Even if only for a few hours! I've got the same planned for tomorrow. A quick early morning road trip but that should be enough to get me through my late shift tomorrow night:)

hope you're all enjoying the little bit of summer and sun we may have left! Put a bunch of that happy in your pocket to save for later. I have a feeling this winter is going to be tough on us all!!!!
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