Monday, August 20, 2012

fresh and fine is 3-1.

i can NOT believe my kid sister is 31. I call her kid sister because I believe I could beat her in a physical fight;)

courts is a lot of things to me:
- a pain in my ass.
- my maid of honor
- a best friend
- an incredible influence
- an inspiration:)

i can't tell you how lucky I feel to have 3, such special, ladies in my life. Three best friends.
AND I have 3 different people to annoy daily;) For real though. Courts started it all and I feel like she is still the rock that is the center of us all:)

and that inspiration part...this photo is kinda what that's all about. To have, by 31...11 years of a wonderful marriage and 6 kids - good, happy kids:). That is something not many can claim.

to my seester...who I cry with several times a year - mainly about how lucky we are and our amazing husbands:)...who shared a moment with me 11 years ago, which I think of often..who loves mint bon bon...who has her shit together, even when she doesn't...who is going after her dream of making a living at taking pictures...who is 31:)

Happy Happy Birthday young lady:)

PS. sorry for being so sentimental...I tried not to be. But my baby boy is laying here in my arms and he makes it impossible to be anything but a huge crying piece of happy shit:)

good day:)
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