Monday, August 13, 2012

homer goodness:)

 photo courtesy of Mom:)

i kid you not. LOVE LOVE LOVE this little boy!! 

PS. tons of photos to come. OVERLOAD. Be prepared to see Homer in your dreams tonight cause it's Homer after Homer after Homer...and when you think he's finally gotten TOO cute and there's just too much cuteness to handle...there is MORE;)

oh, and there's a little bit of Mal in there too;) Our most recent family photo was photo bombed by the little sis';) 

the most accurate little onesie in the WHOLE world! Thanks again Karey!!!:) 

now that he's holding his head pretty well on his own...we've been trying some new things with him. As you can see he loves change just about as much as his mom;) 

we went for some wagon rides. I needed to work on toning my arms;) So we got 3 kiddos (Austyn, Homer and Nasher) to agree to some rides (pulling teeth, I tell ya;) and it only took about 3 treks around the yard before Homer was out:)

 so quickly goes from sleepy to hating the world;)
And how about those eye lashes!? To die for. There are women out there medicating themselves for what he has naturally;)

 jacob is questioning his manly-ness in this get-up;)


we LOVE love LOVE our morning walks! I can't wait to be home with him more so that we can enjoy this time together more often!!!

 lia is such a little mom! And so helpful when I need to something else for a minute:)

 he hatessss that bird. It is the devil to him.

 jax and Homer hanging out during our morning coffee break at Mal's:)

 sad:( happy:) 
Luke does have the touch:)

tummy time is ALSO the devil;)

he's starting to grab at things and has discovered his fingers and hands. So cute! And he's still trying to decide if his fingers are worth eating.

thug life.

we're just counting our lucky stars that we have this beautiful, healthy little boy in our lives:)

BUT a date night is in order. Jacob and I have been working our faces off and will continue doing so up until our Vacation in September! YAY:) 20 days bitches....20 days!!!!! (20 days TILL vacation...we will only be gone for about 11:)
SO the plan is to go out to eat on Wednesday night. Without Homer. Just the 2 of us. Oh my lord. It's going to be amaaaazingggg! We've agreed that neither of us has had a chance to actually enjoy food since Homer's been born. It's like he has a freaking radar. As SOON as I sit down to eat. BAM. All hell breaks loose. 
I just can't wait to eat. Just put food in my mouth and chew it! CHEWING FOOD!!! Oh muh gawddddd. I used to chew food! I almost forgot!!! I doubt I'll be able to see what I'm actually eating through the happy tears;)
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