Monday, August 13, 2012

my crack.

it seems forever ago...but at the end of July me, mom, dad, Pigg and Homer went for a little day trip to MOA and IKEA. Ah, music to my ears:):) I LOVE those 2 places and it's not only about the spending...but the complete package of it all! 

the smell of Cinnabons. packed elevators. and just standing and looking up at those 3 glorious floors of STUFF!!!!!:):)

it wasn't all that amazing this time around cause we just went over and back. Made good time. We were in and out for the most part. Pigg had some things to get for her new house. I had some in-store credit to burn and Homer, mom and pa, were just along for the ride!

homer did so well! I think it was me that was a tad impatient. I just wanted to be out there digging through sale racks. Finding Homer a cute outfit...finding myself a cute outfit for that matter (we have a few weddings coming up:). Because I was being impatient...when Homer would get hungry, I'd run to a family restroom - which happened to work out perfectly cause they were always RIGHT around the corner from me the moment he turned into a rangly beast;) BUT then sitting there. Staring at him eating...4 minutes later I was like. OKAY. You're full. And off we'd go again! And so yeah. Had I just sat there and took it for 20 minutes...that probably would have saved me more time in the end. Oops. BUT otherwise he was a saint:)

mom and dad...super excited:)

for the life of me, I can't remember WHY he didn't have clothes on at IKEA. But as soon as we walked in...I regretted not putting clothes on him. We looked...unfortunate;)

i love all these mirrors. I was thinking it'd be cool to have a few different round ones in an entry. Maybe alternate between a round one and then an oval one...
round - oval - round - oval - round?!

we do not live in a house with lamps. Our house could be lit up with only one central light fixture - it's THAT small;) But someday we'll need pretty lamps:)

with my in-store credit I got a few things I had been needing and kinda forgot to take photos of it all. BUT I did snap some pics of the baskets I got for Homer's room. He's got a growing supply of stuffed animals. All of which are ridiculously cute. 
SO we needed to get some storage:)
I'm only wishing I would have gotten one or two more. But maybe next time:)

dad and Homer hanging out at the food court:)

trying on some bras at Aerie
If you're pregnant, expecting to get pregnant, having a baby soon, just had a baby, breast feeding...don't even bother trying on bras. It was sucky. I need some bras. I want some bras. But it's completely pointless. My bra size changes hourly these days;)

BUT I did score some super cute undies.

isn't MOA so dreamy:)?!?!?!

forever21 is always a hot mess but I was able to find a dress for my cousin's wedding this coming weekend:)
PS. it fits much different on me than that model. I think it's too small for me...which actually improves the look. 
I hope;)

and some super soft, perfect fitting tank tops.

homer was a trooper and let me try some hats on him! Obviously, he rocked them all. SO we went home with the newspaper boy hat (in 2 that he can wear one when he gets a bit older:) and the ball cap:). Both from H&M. Unfortunately, they didn't have a lot of little boy clothes at the H&M we were at. Total bummer.

but we did find a cute outfit at Old Navy for him. All on sale and he'll probably be sporting this to both weddings we have this summer:)

and then I got myself some fitted/long T's (similar) and a little cardy that I've had my eye on since Spring. Both H&M.

i'd also like to remind you that we made this shopping trip on July 27th. This was just a few days before we started our STRICT Monthly Budget. I definitely didn't go with the intention to over spend because of the restrictions I would have to follow in August. And I actually made it out of MOA without spending TOO much:)

but now it's August. The Monthly Budget has started. It's.Hard. 
I think it's actually easier to just spend and not have to 'think' about where it's going. But now...seeing it. Keeping track. Down to the penny. EVERY cent spent is accounted for. That shouldn't be harder. But for some is. It comes with a certain amount of guilt. When you just spend money and figure it out just get by. BUT when you make yourself responsible/ACCOUNTABLE for where your money is going. That bares a heavier weight.

we're doing well though and I'll report back on how our first month has gone...soon:):)
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