Friday, August 31, 2012

toot toot.

prepare yourselves for the HEAVIEST photo post of.all.time. And then times that by 2;)

the Annual Steam Engine Show - yep, that's a real thing...something we country folk look forward to EVERY year;) Mostly for the insane amounts of food. They added fajita/tacos this year. Excelente:) And the massive amounts of ice cream. This year, in addition to the Maple Nut, I had vanilla with fresh strawberries. Um. Yeah. Mmm. Mmm. GOOD.

but it's really the tractors and history that draw us in....wait. Nope. It's not;)
It's the ridiculous Flea Market. And every year I buy something that has the entire group of workers - Jacob's family business has a food stand here every year - but EVERY year they alllll have a good laugh about what Casey brings back from the Flea Market;) I have no regrets about ANY most someeee my purchases;)

this was Jacob's thought on what I brought back this year:

"if you paid .50 for paid too much"...

i paid $31.50 more than that. BUT it's amazing and I will do a post shortly on that:):)

this is surely a family affair! We always get up bright and early to get out to the flea market and walk, walk, walk! The kiddos love the sunglasses and they all picked out a pair that suited their personalities perfectly!!!!

i love that time, before they let their friends influence their likes and dislikes, and they are just completely themselves:) I hope they can always hold on to that:)

all the fun stuff I passed on:( Things sometimes get a bit pricey. Disappointing. I'm really only looking for a booth that has no clue what somethings worth...where I can really get a steal:)

anddddd I think I was born in the wrong era;)

homer was SUCH a great little boy all weekend!!! I can't believe how good he's been with all the moving around and the heat and us putting sunglasses on him - we're such assholes;). I love that as he gets older, he becomes more content. That getting older part is hard on my heart though:(

but I'm proud of how well he adapts to all the change and moving around! My baby is able to nap almost anywhere! This is a fantastic thing:)

the heat...and food;) to us eventually!:)

as you can see...we bore easily and are easily entertained;) Homer was a great distraction from all the nothingness going on around us a lot of the time:)

the food spot:)

me and my boy toy;)
do I look a wee bit tired!!!!??;)

it was such a great time and I was so lucky to have the weekend off of work AND have the weather cooperate! I think I must have repeated myself a million times...but I kept saying how I couldn't believe this weekend had come. We talked last year about how we'd have a baby for the Steam Show and how different that would be. And here we are. And it doesn't seem that different. It's just us...and Homer now:)

i think Homer loved the flea market. Takes after his mom:)

the weekend didn't quite end there. Seeing as the weather was so great...we thought we'd squeeze in another trip to the beach. Could be one of our last, sadly:( So between trips the Steam Show, we ran out to the water:)

pigg watched the kids all weekend because Court and Mal work the Steam Show - in the food stand. So we she had her hands full with all the kiddos:)

shield your eyes...the ladies were on display. 
PS. that is like an XXL top. Arg. I'm not bragging. But it's impossible to tame them at this point.;)

i sometimes wish I had someone to just follow Homer and I around and take photos. It seems that so often I'm taking photos of him with everyone else and then before you know it...I realize he's 4 months old and I have no photos of the 2 of us together!! BUT Jacob will have a camera in hand this coming week - we're going on Vacation!!!! More to come on that. But that should help:)

i couldn't have asked for a better weekend and it was so needed. Just to relax. Eat good food and spend time with family:)

although, today was a Friday. A day off of work. Homer and I snuggled before starting the day. Starbucks was had. We saw Jacob on his break for x's and o's:) AND I upgraded to the iPhone 4 and now heading to my girlfriends for wine. SO I think I'm gonna go cry a bit cause I'm SO damn happy;)

life is good:)
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