Tuesday, September 11, 2012

and away we go:) part 1.

we just got back from our FIRST ever family vacation. PHEW! Jacob. Me. And our 4 month old baby boy, Homer:) A great time was had by all...except for those veryyyyy few moments when we weren't having a great time - but heck. There's bound to be a few stressful situations when going anywhere with a newborn...especially when you throw in an 18hr. road trip...a packed car...camping....things are bound to fall apart for a second;) 

BUT we managed to keep it together and come out of it with so many amazing memories and photos to share with Homer. Although, I have a feeling he's going to think his mom and dad were crazy for having him out on mountains at his age...but soon enough he'll realize that he's lucky to have parent's that are a wee bit crazy;)

our little road tripper - first stop MN. 
Only 2.5hrs into the trip and daddy was falling asleep at the wheel. Que the eye rolling from mommy - who then drove for 5hrs. In yo FACE daddy!!;)

we did most of our lengthy driving through the night so that Homer was asleep:)

we made sure to take lots of breaks for Homer so that he could get out of the car seat and be fed and stretch a bit:) It made for some random stops and opportunities to set-up the camera.

 jacob is a huge fan of the camera clicker;)

it seemed that during the day we went through some seriously boring shit! Our timing was a bit off...grrrr. But we still kept ourselves entertained in the car:)

nebraska stinks;)

we did stumble upon some adorable places and I have to say...that's my FAVORITE part about road trips. Finding little towns, taking a stroll around and stumbling upon something interesting:)

yep. We had to:) But, obviously, Homer stole the show. The kid is just too damn cute for his own good and we enjoyed a few laughs at his cute expense;)

 we assume she was breastfeeding when this painting was done;)

one thing about traveling with a baby, that we hadn't put too much thought into, was HIS schedule. I'm sure you're wondering how it's possible that we never considered that...

when I went out West with my family so many times...I was used to us just pointing at a sign on the side of the road or seeing a place in the distance or a funny sounding town...and just...going there. But we found ourselves not making those random stops...as often...with Homer because sometimes he'd be sleeping and we didn't want to disturb him...so we kept on trucking along:) 

that didn't stop us EVERY time...and we just got better at taking a few photos from the road:)

we left our hometown around 730PM on Monday night and arrived in Breckendridge, CO around 5PM (one hour time change:) on Tuesday evening. Not tooooo bad:)

breckenridge is adorableeeee! We never got to stroll through the streets/shops there but I snapped a few photos on the way through. It was probably a blessing that the checkbook and I never ventured through any of those shop doors...it would have been disastrous;)


a few minutes later we were in Blue River, CO. This is where our friends Ky and Nikki live and where we stayed from Tuesday through Friday afternoon. They were THE best hosts. So gracious. They gave us the perfect get-away. Completely relaxing. Some hiking. Wine. Scrumptious dinners. A super comfortable bed. And fantastic company. It was difficult to leave, to say the least:)

i also started a list of things to add to our lives when we got home from Ky and Nikki's:

- more green in the house. PLANTS.

- bake some sliced peaches. Holy.Yum.

- pan fry some brussel sprout leaves. Never would have looked at a brussel sprout twice. Never. But now I will go to the store. Buy one. Murder it with my mouth. YUM.

- soft pillows. Get some and be happier for the rest of my life;)

they live in the most perfect little cabin along a small creek and you stepped out their front door to a perfect view of the mountains. 

our first night in Blue River was exactly what we needed. A glass of wine. Yummy food. A tired baby. And good friends. We can't wait to return:)
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