Wednesday, September 12, 2012

month four:)

it's ridiculous how much this little dude has stolen my heart!!! Just looking at these photos make me miss him. And he's only in the next room. Sleeping in his crib, like a big boy:')

homer changes Holy lord. It's difficult on me. 

He's purposely blowing bubbles and spit ALL THE TIME!

He's grabbing and holding things. Especially his Sophie Giraffe:) And he smiles every time we squeak it! Holy lord. Lots of squeaking happening:)

He's able to roll from back to side...back to his back and then to the other side. But not really rolling over to his belly. We think he's done it but we've not witnessed it yet.

He's so content. The older he gets...the more content he becomes. And he really wasn't all that hard to begin with:)

He loves to push himself down in his car seat...hello phase of throwing fits...yes, at 4 months old;)

and I think he may have waved once...kinda...or not at all;) And he made a sound that sounded like mama...which was totally not mama. So yeah, that happened;)

i just now noticed that there are SO many things that Homer hasn't worn yet and that are SO close to not fitting any longer. Omg. My heart:( SO I'm shoving him into outfit after He actually doesn't even have that many clothes and such but this summer was so warm that we didn't get to wear a lot of I'm trying to make up for that now:)

these shoes were one of those items:) A 2nd hand buy...little hippos on the toe, so obviously;) And as you can see...he's not sure about them!:)

our little man has another appointment next week! He hasn't been weighed for 2 months and he was just over 12lbs 2 months ago, so I'm excited to see how much he's grown! My guess will be 16lbs:)

he's such a good eater. It seems to vary every day. Sometimes you can tell he's going through a growth spurt and sometimes I wonder if he's going to eat at all!!! And the little stinker is starting to get a bit distracted with things around him and likes to just sit Sometimes eating takes a while for him:)

i love breastfeeding Homer and am so grateful that it's worked so well for us. It, honestly, makes me so sad to think of being done with we're gonna try to keep this going longer than the 6 months I had initially planned:)

as you can see...he's gettin' biggggg!!!! This little guy makes all our days so much sweeter:) Those smiles:) Those thighs and cheeks. Those EYES. That hair line. Those stuck out ears. The red tint to his hair. Those pouty lips. I feel like every time I stare at him sleeping - which is too often:) - I find something new that I love so much about him. Having a little baby sure makes things different. And that's putting it mildly.
Being with Jacob made me all kinds of confident...because he makes me feel so happy and so I feel like I can just be anything, do anything. Homer gives me a huge confidence too. He also brings out the beast in me. Mess with my Homer...I will cut you;)

happy 4 months baby boy:)
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