Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a year of our life.

celebrating our one year anniversary (and Homer's 4mth birthday:) on 9/8/12 in Moab, CO.

what can I say. I'm one lucky sob:)

it seems that ANY other time...I have a million and 10 things to say and then when it comes to Jacob. I draw a blank. I guess it's hard to describe exactly how I feel about what I have with Jacob. What he gives me. - you know what I'm sayin' Courts;)

he completes me. YES. I said it!!!!! Omg. It's true though:)

somehow I know that I'm exactly where I should be. Every day I feel lucky that I'm lucky enough to KNOW that I'm exactly where I should be. I'm so glad that I have the sense not to take Jacob or our life for granted. 

don't get me wrong. There are times that I take advantage...send him to the gas station at 11PM for 2 soft cookies and a threat to cut off 2 of his fingers if he returns with anything other than JUST THAT;) And he'll do it:)
BUT I like to think that I have the same weakness for him:)

and thanks to my nephew, peyton, for the video footage. Seriously...well done my man. Well done:)
full tune above.

i'm finally sharing a video that has me in tears EVERY time I watch it. This day was a haze of happiness. I remember being nervous...not about Jacob and making a life-time commitment to him. BUT about having anyone there to witness it:/ I regret that I didn't smile more. I was actually happy, despite looking like a vicious bitch in pretty much alllll the photos;)

it's been a year since I married the perfect man for me. The perfect dad to our babies. The perfect cook for my belly;) My life doesn't work without him. I've never much believed in anything after this one life we get. But I know that there has to be more because I'll always need more time when it comes to Jacob:)

happy one year anniversary my heart. 
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