Sunday, September 16, 2012

and away we go: part 2:)

after arriving at our friends homer home (I've noticed that since Homer arrived...I can't type HOME without adding an 'r'. Opps:) on Tuesday evening...we just chilled. Thankfully. Much needed down time:) BUT after a great breakfast and some coffee on the deck Wednesday morning, we headed out to do some hiking:)

normally you'd think of hiking as the act of using your legs to walk up sides of mountains. Ky's version of hiking was a wee bit different;)

it's impossible to tell from this video...except for the bumpy footage...but we were on a path straighttttt up the mountain. Only big enough for one vehicle to pass. And we were bumping over rocks twice the size of my head. Yep. Off-roading.

once we did get to the top we walked around and I was glad to have had the ride up as far as we did. With the elevation, we got short of breath pretty quickly. But the views were completely worth it:)

jacob lovesssss to look for rocks. Look at rocks. Discover pretty rocks. New rocks. Crystal. Yep. This is the man I married;) He found a bunch of really pretty rocks for the kiddo's and I suggested that he take a photo of himself, with the rock...on the mountain that we found them on so that he could show the kids exactly where the rocks came from. 
This was what I found on my camera:
this kid is a riot;)

if I would have allowed it...Jacob, Ky and Nikki would have searched through this whole pile of rocks. No lie.

homer did so well up on the mountain. I think the elevation can sometimes be an issue but he didn't seem to be bothered by it. He just hung-out:)

ky and Nikki are a ridiculously adorable couple! They really do suit each other perfectly!:) And they have 2 doggies. They call them Mogs. Both Ky and Nikki came into the relationship with a dog named Molly. SO they call the pair Mogs: Molly Dogs:)

mountain man and mountain baby;)

after a while I found a place to sit so I could nurse Homer. I doubt there will ever be a more relaxing place to feed my little boy:)

and yep. I had a beer. It was disgustingly good:)

after our 'hike' around Crystal Lake, we headed over to Alma, CO. There we drove up to Windy Ridge. Apparently, these are some of the oldest...if not the oldest...trees in the United States.

later that night we met up with some more friends for burritos - Yum:) Many, many laughs were had. It was a great way to start our vacation:)
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