Monday, September 17, 2012

homer goodness:)

this child of ours is so freaking precious! LORDY! At 4 months (and one week:) he's already got SO much personality!!!! 

he's got me busy squeaking his Sophie Giraffe. Changing his poopy blow-out diapers (mom had grapes...oops;). Rinsinggggg his poopy cloth diapers...EW. 

this kid has been such a breeze these last few weeks! I'm so happy to report that...we'll see what tomorrow brings;)

 everyyyyy time he's on dad's shoulder...he leaves a mess. I find it hilarious;)

some days he needs to be carried around - or should I say....I allow him to make me carry him around. Some days I'm his bitch. End of story;)

the older Homer gets...the more content he becomes! Like today, for instance, I got SO much done:
- i worked from 7-11AM (although, I should have gotten my ass up earlier than 530AM...there's always tomorrow:)...)
- met mom and Courts (and Rowdy, Nash and Homer) at Target to grab a few things (needed a curling iron - do people even buy curling irons anymore?! arg. That's a new hair dooooo. More to come on that:)
- hit up the grocery store for a head of lettuce (which turned into a Starbucks Frappy and a Roast Beef sandwich...oops:)

once home:
- i got dinner ready
- cut up some fruit
- took out the garbage and recycling
- folded and caught us up on laundry
- cleaned Homer's room and hung up some better fitting clothes:)
- walked to get the kiddo's from school
- ate 5 cookies...Courts put the top back on the cookie container...which means I couldn't have anymore. No words needed to be exchanged;)
- dishes were done
- i squeaked Sophie some more

MAN. I feel like doing a crazy dance just THINKING about all the shit I got done!!!! Whoooo HOOO:)

oh. And somewhere in there Nash puked ALL over my backseat. After he had ate the most red mints. Ever. Arg. That's the 2nd time in 2 weeks I've had puking incidents with Courts' kids. She owes me a new car. Thank you:)

and now I'm back at work. Blah.

SEE!!?!? See how he spits!? As soon as I wipe him up...he's at it again. He loves it:) LUCKILY, there doesn't seem to be any teeth happening. I was getting a bit nervous that all that drooling and such was leading in that direction but so good! The longer he waits to get chompers...the better for me nips;)

i love that he's found his voice! Sometimes while I'm in the kitchen and he's on the living room floor...he's just talkinggggg away! Some scream-like yelling. Talking. Yipping. Man. It's pretty adorable how excited he gets:)
He used to forget how he made the sounds and just open his mouth real wide...all confused cause there was nothing coming out! He'd look just like the photo above!:)

we love, love, LOVE our mornings off. And I hate to see the summer go because we've loved going for a morning walk and having coffee with Mal:) - I'm like her secret lova'. Instead of working we hang out for aboutttt 2 hours shooting the shit. And then we have to clean the house quick, spray something to cover up my scent so Chris doesn't know I was there when he comes home for his lunch break;)

hopefullyyyyyy we'll have a mild winter and Homer and I can bundle up and continue our morning rondevu;)

PS. homer neverrrrr sleeps through coffee. Never. This photo was a very rare occasion.

this photo KILLS me! Man. He's so adorable:)

showing some breastfeeding etiquette;) - OMG. I spelled etiquette correctly, withOUT spell check. Unreal.

he's not a huge fan of shoes yet. Hopefully once he starts walking around but right now he just throws his legs up in the air and is just completely confused by the whole situation:)

"i'm cute..."

"mommmmm...your face is hilarioussssss!!!"

"andddd I'm over it. Be gone with your face."

yep. Our little man is the best:) I want 4 more JUST like him. Don't tell Jacob that I added a 5th;)
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