Monday, September 17, 2012

lady hair.

 don't mind the HUGE spacing...just how the photos turned out...lots o' white space.

POINT: hair.

the top photo is of my hair before (kinda - my sister, Pigg, took about 4" off before we left on Vacation a few weeks ago. When we got back I had my pro freshen it up:).
the bottom photo is the after.

lets keep in mind that there may have been some napping prior to the taking of the photos - dumb on my part...maybe...cause napping is never really dumb;) BUT I'm surely not doing my new do any justice. HENCE, the curling iron I picked up today and will be putting to work tomorrow:)

i won't lie. Losing my hair has been...upsetting. Kinda.

have I mentioned that about 2 months after having Homer I started losing a shit ton of hair? NO? I forgot to mention that? 
WELL. 2 months after having Homer...I lost a Nope. Not just a ton. Much...much more than that:(

it hasn't really slowed down at all. The losing of the hair. BUT I'm reassured because I know this is a common thing. It doesn't feel like it's common. It sure as hell doesn't look like a common thing. Maybe you wouldn't have noticed had I not mentioned it (then you'd be supa' blind;). But it is what it is. I have a beautiful baby boy in front of me...sometimes (a lot of times...) with my hair stuck between his fingers and toes - nightly hair checks are now a common thing in our house!!!;)

i may never have, what I thought to be, my beautiful long hair back. SO I'll make do with what I have and try my damnedest to steer clear of looking like I have a new shiny mom cut;)

i'll add more photos once I get acquainted with my new curling iron;)

i also wanted to add that my lady, Nicole - the pro:) - did an amazing job:) Thanks for the cut and color and style and for being Confession for this oh-so-not-Catholic-girl. I always feel lots of ways...after visiting her;)
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