Sunday, September 23, 2012

and away we go: part 3:) part 3 is pretty short and sweet...with a bit of the stomach flu tossed in:/ Big EW.

as you read in part 2:), we ended our evening at a friends having burritos. That wasn't quite the 'whole story';). We did in fact have a fantastic time at our friends...tillllll abouttttt 11PM. That's when I started feeling a bit under the weather. Mind you, I hadn't been feeling 100% since arriving but it hit me all of a 11PM...while at a friends house...ew.

long story as short as I can make it;)....
I awkwardly interrupted a group of 5 while sitting at the table in the middle of a discussion to say that I needed to leave. Now. Yep. Yeeepppppp. Now. 
We justttt made it back to Ky and Nikki's place, where I left them at the jeep to run to the house and occupy the bathroom for the next 40 minutes. While Homer cried and cried because he was hungry:( I was finally able to get into bed and somehow managed to feed him to sleep and then curl into the fetal position and moan myself to sleep:) Good times;)

PS. their house is smaller than our house. Our house is probably 1,000 square feet. So you can imagine that we're all pretty close to the bathroom at all times. 


we woke up the next day and I felt better. NOT 100% but much, muchhhh better but we decided we'd stay one more night at Ky and Nikki's just to make sure I was back to my old self before we drove to the middle of no where and put up a tent. Thattttt could get gross;)

so Thursday we did a lot of nothing and it was a great way to end our stay with Ky and Nikki and get us prepared to head out on our own the next day:)

prior to us getting there, Ky's dog had some babiessssss! If we would have been heading directly home, I KNOW Jacob would have talked me into one!!

homer chilling on the couch Thursday morning:)

after sitting around for a bit and having a great breakfast and some tea, we went for a short walk down to a nearby lake.
Homer does really well being strapped onto us. He already seems pretty heavy....lord he's only 4 months and I can't imagine he'll get bigger:(

it was at this time that I remembered that I have Hipstamatic on my I snapped some kinda cool looking photos with that app:)

jacob took over Homer on the way back to the house:) And of course, Homer was out by the time we got 1/2 way up the trail. Poor dude had no where to rest his head...don't worry, we didn't let him hang like that for long:)

after our walk, Homer and I took a little nap:) While we did that...Jacob and Ky figured: why not go get rich?

and so they panned for gold. And Jacob ate the only gold they found;)

the photo above is from a creek right outside Ky and Nikki's front door! Which is where they panned for gold:) And the photo to the right is looking back at their place. You can just see a little bit of the house in that photo also:)

thursday with Ky and Nikki was a wonderfully, relaxing day. Nikki had to go to work around 4PM and so we just chilled and ate dinner with Ky and then we all had a few drinks together when Nikki got home from work that night!

i can't say enough how amazing our stay with them was! I took note of so many things I'd like to add to our daily lives and some that we already have since getting home:) It was such a fantastic time and both Jacob and I agreed that we could have had just as much fun staying with them the entire time and may actually do that next time!!:)
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