Sunday, September 23, 2012

and away we go: part 4:)

we left Ky and Nikki's on Friday morning:( Sad but exciting all at the same time!!! We got some coffee and took some goofy photos, you know, the usual;)...and then hit the wide open road!!!!:)

i should mention that we had intended to head North after Ky and Nikki's. To Yellowstone, WY. BUT after talking with them and getting some great input, we decided to head further West instead. To Moab, UT. 

a few factors helped us make the decision to change our route:

- we really didn't have a 'schedule'. All we knew were the dates we needed to be back for work and so we didn't have our hearts set on anything specific.

- yellowstone was already getting pretty chilly at camping would have been quite cool there. Moab, on the other hand, was only getting down to about 65 at night...90's during the day. Yum:)

- i've been to Yellowstone many, many times. So I wasn't upset about skipping it and checking out something new for both Jacob and I:)

moab it is:)

probably my most favorite photo of the entire trip. This photo captures Homer:) He is such a content, happy, smiley little boy. We are very lucky over here:):)

this photo makes me so happy!:) We just feel so strongly that kids or no can keep doing all those things you love. Yes...there are compromises and adjustments to be made. But it can be done. No kids. 8 kids;) can still travel and see amazing things with them:)

our first stop was a way side. Fancyyyyy;) But it was a 'scenic' one. And it did turn out to be super nice. We were able to sit for a few minutes, use the facilities, walk some trails and then feed Homer on a hill that overlooked the river.

there was also a tour bus there, full of many very friendly older folk;) One woman (who was actually from IL - and familiar with our area in WI...small world:) was kind enough to take a few photos for us!:)

homer was still doing great at this point:) BUT that wasn't the case at all times;) He lost his shit from time to time but we all made it through it:)

and like I mentioned before...because of him being asleep...we didn't stop too much between destinations. But I managed to get a few photos of the beautiful scenery as we drove:)

the view from our campsite in Moab, UT:)

moab is about 4 hours West of Ky and Nikki's, in Breckenridge, CO. So not a crazy long drive. And we had intended on staying in Moab 2 nights but we had a change of plans after we woke up to someone else's child on Saturday morning...about 5 hours of Homer being a crazy person. Eeeeek. I think the elevation change, being in a car seat...maybe even the tent?! We're not sure...but whatever it was not pretty and both Jacob and I kinda lost our shit too:( BUT luckily, Jacob and I pulled our shit together (Homer still had not;) within an hour, regrouped and enjoyed the rest of our stay in Moab. BUT we still decided it'd be safest to hit the road Saturday night and that way Homer would be likely to sleep through the night Saturday and then Sunday we would take our sweet time getting home so we could stop an obnoxious amount of times to let Homer get out and stretch:)

in conclusion...we were in Moab for abouttttt 24hrs. Which seems ridiculous. BUT both Jacob and I were so glad we made the trip. It was gorgeous and completely worth the trip:)

looking completely precious - prior to his shit being lost;)

our campsite:)
what you can't see is the adorable VW Camper Bus that is camped out next to us. I love that bus:)
and that bus is the reason I insisted we stay at that campsite. I mean...really...I've never heard of anyone owning a VW Bus being a crazy campsite killer?!?!;)

after unpacking. setting up camp. taking a few scenic photos and then munching...we decided to head into Moab to check things out before dark and get some fire wood.

we were totally going to take that boat tour on Saturday but apparently, Homer is too little to be on the boat. Poo:(

 homer, me and my amazing Minnetonka Fringed Boots...all ready to hit the town!!!!:):)

we certainly didn't miss any of the tourist shops:)

when we returned from town with firewood and receipts for $80 worth of souvenirs (suckers..I know;)...Jacob built a fire and we both took turns getting Homer down for bed.

once Homer was down for the night...we had a few beers and were finally able to just sit:) It was such a great night. A beautiful, warm, amazing night:)

oh, and I discovered a sticker Jacob got while in town that I wasn't aware of. What a dork;)

we ended the night with a few photos of ourselves. It was just after midnight. Our One Year Anniversary:) We enjoyed it together..alone (with Homer a few feet away snoozing:), under the stars and we were lucky enough to see 5 shooting starts between the 2 of us that night. Which came as no surprise to us. For some reason we see them all the time, together...separate. Amazing each time:)

this night definitely made us miss camping pretty badly:)
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