Friday, October 5, 2012

homer goodness:)

so I'm trying something a bit order to stay on top of the Homer Goodness Posts, I'm gonna try to only do them ONCE a month and then just completely overload your face...with his face;)

homer loves to play with daddy. OR maybe it's the other way around;) Jacob's like a kid himself. He can't wait till Homer's big enough to play outside with him. I look forward to the day when Homer is waiting by the window for Jacob to get home from work so they can play together:)

and now I'm crying;')

 homer likes to accidentally vomit on people...sometimes;)

 homer's new favorite thing to do is to just stand:)

homer is prettyyyyy helpful around the house most days! For the mosttttttt part, I can get things long as I stay awake when he takes a nap:) Unfortunately, his afternoon naps don't land at the right time for me to take advantage of his down time. Normally he'll fall asleep about 30 minutes before I have to go back to work:(

he doesn't blow bubbles as much anymore. If at all. 

i'm finding that Homer getting older and passing all these milestones is...painful on my heart. 
Some days he seems so small to me...and then I look/think back to those first days with him and realize that he's a whole new person. 

i'm not gonna lie. There are trying moments with a baby. But Homer has proved to be just as amazing outside my body as he was in;) He likes to take it easy on us!:) Lets hope all our babies have such content personalities!!!!

but Homer is a very happy little boy. All smiles:) It's amazing how quickly you forget that you're mad about ANYTHING when looking at this face!

i can't remember exactly how old Homer is on the left...but if I had to guess...I would say they were taken about 2 months apart:)

homer still sleeps in bed with us...for the most part:) We like it that way. So no need to comment on that situation. Believe me...we hear about how it's dangerous and blah blah blah. It works for us:) 

he's giving me about 4 solid hours of sleep at night. Which has actually been perfect. That's about how much sleep I was getting before I ever wanted a baby. So it feels normal to me. 
We have been putting Homer down in his crib and/or cradle at night and then, eventually, he makes his way back to bed with us:)

these are probably some of my most favorite photos with Homer. I was thinking I might frame these at some point:)

we're still trying to find the time to read to Homer EVERY day/night. We do it a few times a week but I'd still like to be doing it every day.

with a little help/cushioning, Homer's able to sit up in things now! Can I be blown away by this?!?!? Arg. So not a baby anymore!:(

we can't wait to take him to a Brewer game! We didn't get a chance this year but it's on our list for next year:)

 this is hard damn near impossible to leave in the mornings:(

that Yoda hat...the one that we had to roll because it was swallowing up his face when he was born...Yep. That one. it doesn't even cover his ears anymore!!!

we're still on board with cloth diapering. It's been challenging. We're still finding our footing but I'm still excited about it and hope to have a better routine as the weeks go by!

how huge is his ass in those things?! Ridiculous;)

doing a little lot of shopping with mom. It's my favorite thing to do:)
I'll be part-time soon. Which means a much smaller much less time will be spent in dressing rooms. OR the same amount of time but less will be coming home with us after all that 'work';) But that's okay. Staying home with Homer more is going to be beyond amazing and worth any small shopping sacrifice:)

breast feeding has been going terrific:) I'm so glad to have this connection with Homer and have already realized it's going to be difficult for me to stop:( Which is why I'm going to put off getting pregnant until I'm ready to stop nursing Homer. Don't get me wrong...I can't WAIT to be pregnant again. I can't WAIT to give Homer a sibling. But right now...the idea of stopping breast feeding just to get pregnant again...makes me a super sad lady! SO we're holding out...but not for long;)

 homer's favorite way to sleep!!

having some face time with Homer, via our iPhones. SO glad to have that luxury. With me working split shits and weekends...I miss my boys:)

i scheduled Homer's 6 month appointment today. We've had a hard time getting him in for his 4 month appointment and so finally got him in with his regular physician and decided we'd just do his 4 month AND 6 month all at the same time.
I'm pretty sure I had a small attack of some sort, thinking about him being 6 months old. Breath. Breath.

i'm so happy to have Homer:)

Note to Self: start taking photos w/ anything but your iPhone!!!!!!
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