Friday, October 5, 2012

family goodness:)

i'm forced to start another little 'goodness' post because, luckily most of the time;), I get to spend an insane amount of time with my family - sisters. mom and daddio. nieces and nephews.

so here's a post in tribute of them and all their goodness;)

nasher-man MAY have come out of Courts' body...but I'm pretty sure he was brought to this earth for me:)

i would never claim to have a 'favorite' but I think it's entirely possible to have a strongerrrrr-ish connection with different children. Nasher was meant to be mine;)

the following photos are just to prove my point:)



sloppy kisses for Mal (mom) from Jax-man:)

homer and his goddaughter, Lia:)

 jax-man and his trike:)

 probably THE best photo of these 2 rascals...together...EVA'!!!:)

drew-baby...doing what Drew-baby does best. Be cute.

 Buddha belly. Unreal!!!:)

my good friend, Cody, had her 2nd baby...another little girl. Ashtyn. Precious in every way:) And I'm not going to lie. Being in that hospital...watching her eat those chocolate hospital shakes...and holding her little girl (of course;)...made me prettyyyyyy anxious for my next visit!!!!:)

drew-baby in her moccasins. I'm going to be getting a pair for Homer...just haven't pulled the trigger on that yet!:)

play time at the park! Trying to get as much time outside before Fall actually hit. It has. And we're all a bit sad:(

 nasher: "holy schnikes"....

i get to pick the kiddo's up from school a lot. Any chance I get...especially in the summer months when I'm able to walk. I would look forward to that walk a few times a week when I was pregnant with Homer...veryyyy pregnant. Which usually meant I was always a tad late...;)

but this summer, with Homer, has been amazing too. The kids love seeing Homer and I arrive to pick them up:) We also have a little tradition. Whenever I pick them up, on the walk home, they each have to come up with something positive that happened that day to tell me about. I really look forward to this and they have really become quite creative with their answers.

most recently, Tayt, told me that his positive thing for the day was being chased by girls on the play ground. My god...he's cute:)

now that the weather has turned cold...and it wouldn't be the end of our walking if it were only cold cause I can bundle Homer and I up. BUT recently it's been far too windy. SO hoping for a few more walks before the snow flies. BUT especially looking forward to next summer, when I'll be working 24 hours a week and have MUCH more time to walk, walk, walk:)

petyon, Lia, Austyn, Taty:)

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