Saturday, October 6, 2012

etsy saturday.

there are 2 things I've come to expect for Christmas - this is my mom's awesome mom, who rocks at Christmas:):)

make that 3. Just thought of another. 

1. a wall calendar. last year mom failed to get me a wall calendar. And I have to tell you. My shit has not been the same for almost an entire year. I didn't get myselffffff a calendar right after Christmas 2011 because I was in a state of shock over not having got the calendar that I ALWAYS get! And then it was March. Do I still get a calendar!? It's March. Then I forgot cause I had a baby and time didn't matter anymore. And now I must wait. Believe's been yelled at told nicely that a calendar is a MUST for Christmas 2012. 

GOT IT MOM!?!?!?!?!?;)

2. stockings. we normally get one larger-ish gift (last year mine was a record player!!!:):) and then our stockings are filled with many a wonderful thing. 
gift certificates. cash. gift certificates. coupons. paper (we love that:). nick nacs:)
The stockings are.a.must:)

3. fingerless gloves. 

can you guess which of the below are my favorite?!?!:)

sad face:( 

didn't realize this was only a pattern:) 
and I love love love the tattoo. I've been putting some thought into a constellation tattoo. Jacob is in love with the am I:)

how many days till Christmas?!?!! ;)
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