Friday, October 26, 2012

say it ain't so. 10.

okay...I felt confident I'd get through this post without getting too emotional before looking through photos to upload. And now I'm holding back tears crying:'(

am I crying because she's TEN? Or because TEN years has gone by? One in the same, I suppose.
TEN years ago...she was just this chubby little baby. I was also chubby...but not because someone had just birthed me...mostly due to the abundance of alcohol my 19 year old waste of space ass was consuming;)

anyhoo...this fine young lady. Man. She is great. So thoughtful and kind...when she's not being a typical kid;) I am so proud to be her Godmother and Aunt:)

i hope Courts doesn't mind me sharing an email that she received regarding Lia back in 2010 and then shared with us. Lia was only 8 years old:)

Courtney and David,

I just wanted to let you know what a sweet and caring little girl you have. Yesterday she handed me a card and told me that I couldn't open it until I got home. When I did I saw that it was a card wishing us to have a happy and healthy baby. It was so sweet of her to do this for us. Those small little things are so greatly appreciated. I shared it with MAN and DAUGHTER as well and they were both honored that she would think of us. She is just so thoughtful. As I was filling out her progress report this week I could only think that I hope DAUGHTER grows up to be just like her. Great job raising a sweet little girl.

*names were changed to protect the innocent;)

 as she's gotten older...we get less and less typical smiles;)

 lia and I the morning of my wedding. Good memories:)

this face is completely inaccurate. The girl fears nothing 'ew'.

 she's Homer's Godmother and that makes me incredibly happy:)

lia and I on her Birthday:)

i know Courts' kids aren't myyyy kids. But I sure have an insane amount of love for them. I'll always feel like Lia was my first daughter. I hope to be so lucky to have a baby girl as sweet as her someday:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lia Bear!!!!!!!
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