Sunday, October 28, 2012

eat eat eat...peaches!!!!

our boy, Homer, ate some solids...not quite for the firstttttt time. But kindaaaa...officiallyyyyy for the first time:) We've been giving him little tastes of things over the last few weeks. Just a pinky of yogurt. Or potatoes. But tonight we went for it. And peaches were on menu:)

it was actually really great to have him sitting up at the table with us. Jacob and I were able! Holy shit. Where you exchange words...look at each other's faces...nod...laugh...
I may or may not be crying cause it takes it happening to realize that it hasn't happened in far too long:) Don't get me wrong...Jacob and I talk more than most. Communication has never been something we've lacked. Mostly cause I have a problem. That problem is that I'm able to speak and I do it. A Jacob;)

so, while Homer took little bites and tried to figure out what to do with the stuff in his mouth...we laughed and talked about super important things...likeeeeee: who's going to pick up the dog shit before we rake the lawn. Maybe tomorrow night we'll have Homer try some peas while Jacob and I discuss our Life Insurance Policy and our need for a Will.

anddddd we're officially adults;)

this child is too cute for words:) The end.

after all those peaches...straight to the bath:)

night ya'll!!!
(i'm trying out ya'll. So good;)
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