Friday, November 9, 2012

month 6:)

whoa. This post would have been up 30 minutes ago but it took that little bit of extra time to stop CRYING!!!!! WHHHHAAAAA. 

we have a 6 month old. 

that really wasn't the plannnnn when we decided to put a baby in my belly. I don't know that we really thought much past picking out names;) Feels like just yesterday Courts was telling me something about a human having to exit out of my...I won't even say. Lies. ALL LIES;)

wait. It DID happen. Lord help me...wait. Lord help my husband. I may be crazy but he's the one that pays for all that craziness;)

i feel like Homer has done a lot of growing up in the last month. Thankfully this last month doesn't feel like it flew. SO I'm not in total shock that we are at 6 months. But I'm kinda in shock at what a big boy he's already looking like compared to last month's photos:( He's already doing SO many grown-up things, like:

- staring off into space when strangers talk to him at the mall i think he does this so I feel the need to explain that we are not drugging our child and he WAS just smiling and interactive 3 seconds ago;)

- growing teeth he's got 2 little bottom front teeth...more than some adults these days;)

- sleeping in his own bed some nightssss

these are things grown-up do;)

this gaping mouth look kills me!:)

and here are some stats:)

july 9, 2012
AGE:            2mth
WEIGHT:   12lb2oz
HEIGHT:    23in

november 8, 2012
AGE:            6mth
WEIGHT:   16lb4oz
HEIGHT:    27.5in

i have to say...I didn't tear up when he got his shots. Homer on the other hand...lost.his.shit. I'm talking open mouth...with NO sound for all 3 shots...and THEN the scream. I'm now adjusting to a life with little to no hearing in my left ear;(
I did, however, have to really hold back tears when the physician was snapping her fingers by his left ear. He turns his head left. Then she snaps on the right side. And wouldn't you know it, he turns right. And then up and down...

you don't know what I'm getting at?!? My kids a god damn GENIUS (PS. had to google how to spell Genius...Sorry Homer, mommy and daddy aren't going to be able to help you fill out your Financial Aid application's for the Tech Schools;)!!!!!!! 

for real though. Just watching him learning. All those firsts. Realizing things. Taking it all in. Becoming familiar with different objects and people. And loving me so much more than anything else, so much so that I'm the only one that can comfort him some nights (I secretly love this and actually only cut my hours at work to train him to hate everything but me;).

happy birthday baby boy. 
All you really have to do to make me any be potty trained. Then we can just stop all this growing up. Cool? Cool:)
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