Friday, November 23, 2012

etsy friday.

oh Etsy. You make NOT spending money painful;)

 true statement.

oh.meh.gawd. These are so so sooo cute!!!

i must have some. must. must.

AND she's sweetened the deal by giving you an amazing Black Friday offer...I so wish I would have gotten to this post earlier so that maybeeee someone could/would order something! But if you order one pair of the little BUGGS, you get a bow FREE!!!!

and did you ever think you could do so much with such a cute little bow?

for baby girls. bow tie for baby boys. bow tie for ANY boys. hair accessory for ANY girl. Have I mentioned: oh.meh.gawd;)

and then there are mugs. Most likely because the weather has turned super cold and so all I want to do is sit around, cuddled up with Homer all day with a mug of coffee - tea - or cider in hand:)

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