Sunday, November 25, 2012

hung...with care.

christmas is HAPPENING PEOPLE!!! Man, I love this time of year. I do I do!!!:)

i pulled the Christmas Totes out of the basement last night and Homer and I went through some things. The counter is covered in all things CHRISTMAS!!!! Unfortunately for Jacob, he was given no warning. He came home to Homer and I totally high on Christmasssssss;)

after reviewing our inventory...we realized we needed more...obviously. First thing on the list: a stocking for Homer.

now. Do we need to have all matching stockings?! I think I can live without us being matchy-matchy. At least for the time being. Maybe in a few years, when we decide 4 kiddos is enough (secretly 5 but I haven't broke the news to Jacob and don't plan to until I'm surprising him with an "we're accidentally pregnant with our 5th" announcement;) and put an end to our baby making days. THEN maybe I'll consider buying us all obnoxious, matching stockings;) 

but for now I think it'd be great to just jump on Etsy and find something that seems cute for the kiddos as they come. This year: HOMER:)

these are all a bit plain...maybe not what you'd want for your kids but personalization is huge. Having Homer's name on the stocking is a must:)

my favorite are the last ones. Super cute. I think they're perfect for the kiddos and if this guy stays in business...I would love to order one for each of our future kiddos as they arrive:) I know that each of my sister's and I have our own stocking and have had the same stocking as long as I can remember. Except for that year mom lost mine and so I had a weird stocking that year. 


but tradition has always been something we cared about in our family and it's something I intend to bring into my own little family:) 

and they will do it and they will like it;)
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