Saturday, December 1, 2012

homer goodness:)

so we had dinner at Courts' last night. Long story short(ISH)...Jacob held little Meg for a bit and now he wants another baby. Can do husband;)

for now I cannnnn give you an overload of Homer to pass the time until that announcement;)

all the photos above were taken by my mom:)
there's never been a happier baby boy than THIS boy is in the mornings:) I love waking up to smiles...Jacob should take lessons from this guy;)

we started Homer on solids when he turned 6 months. I'm proud that we got him that far with only nursing - we continue to nurse:)! He loves food. Mostly fruits. My mom texted me this morning and said that Homer is in love with scrambled eggs:) He tried some apple pie recently. He's not a huge fan of greens:/ But he loves his little organic puff treats:)

we are not very good about introducing one thing for 3 days, seeing Homer's reaction and then moving on to something else. I guess we've taken a more laid back approach and are lucky enough that Homer hasn't reacted negatively to anything....wait...except strawberries. There was just a smidge of strawberry on something that he tried and he got a little red in the face...but that cleared up pretty quickly. SO that is something we're gonna keep an eye on.
BUT otherwise...if we're having something for supper that is soft enough for Homer, he eats right along with us:)

this video cracks me up!!! We were trying to get him to laugh. The kid is smiles ALL the time but we haven't really gotten him to laugh out loud too much! Our new goal in life;)

spending our mornings with Aunty Mal:)

we've been spending far too much time - and money:/ - at Target lately. Ohhhhh but it is so fun;) Homer's big enough to sit in the cart but he prefers to be held;)

homer's sleep schedule is still a bit...crazy. Some nights he sleeps for 4 hours, other nights he sleeps 7. Some nights he goes to bed at 9PM, most nights he goes to bed at 1030PM...and other nights...1130PM:( It doesn't help that some days I'm working at night and can't be there to help get him to sleep and other days I have we're able to give him a nap. There's just a lot of inconsistency. BUT we've learned that we really just can't fight it. We just take it one night at a time:) But we're getting closer to him being in his crib all night!! We've been co-sleeping up to this point but I know that it's time to move him to his own space:)

oh hey...I'm able to sit on my own!!!!

this kid is becoming a little man right before my eyes! Couldn't be more excited/sad and happy all at the same time. Have you ever tried to make your face ALL those the same time?! It ain't pretty and that's what I'm walking around looking like most days;)
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