Saturday, December 1, 2012

little - expensive - pony.

i was recently reminded of a purchase I made over the summer...because a friend - Just Dancin' in the Rain - made an adorable thrift store purchase that I'm SERIOUSLY jealous of.

i love going to:
antique stores. 
estate sales. 
garage sales. 
thrift stores. 
2nd hand stores. 
flea markets.

Yep. All of the above.

in August, at the Annual Steam Engine Show, I found this little guy.

jacob said that if I spent over a dollar on it...I spent too much. Well...I spent 34 more dollars on it. YES. I know. Normallyyyyyy I wouldn't have spent that much at a Flea Market on something like this....never. Nope. BUT I just had to have the damn thing! 
My dad encouraged me to haggle a bit on the price. It started at $35...and I paid $35. It pretty much went down like this:

Dad: haggle a bit...they'll give it to you for less.
Me: done.

Me to Flea Market Dude: how about $25?
Flea Market Dude: nope.
Me: okayyyyy. I'll take it!!!!!!!:):)

Dad: how'd it go?
Me: i don't want to talk about it.;)

i looked at it yesterday and still smiled and thought "no regrets. SO glad I got that thing";)
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