Saturday, December 1, 2012

ohhhhh snap!

so I got this:):)

happy face. oh, shit face. nervous cause I can't stop spending our money face;)...and then back to the happy face;)

we had/have a large Nikon that we're currently trying to sell to my sister, Pigg. Then we're putting that mola back towards a larger lense for this little guy:) I loved our big Nikon (D60) but we just didn't use it enough to warrant having it. SO after reading some reviews having my mom read a ton of reviews, we found that this is the perfect camera for us! Small but not small! 

i can't wait to get it! Since our point and shoot bit the dust, months ago...we've basically been living on iPhone pics. But that will all change when THIS beauty arrives next week!!! YAY!!! Just in time to capture Homer's first Christmas:)
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